What is the Reset? It’s a 30 day, online program to start your road to sobriety.  Simply log in once a day, watch a video module and get the help you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

How does it work? The reset walks you through each day of your new sobriety in order to help you quit drinking or using drugs.  You’ll learn about addiction & how to heal.

Is it a lot of work? Each video module varies in length, but they are all less than 15 minutes long.  Some days have homework, meditations, or downloads. It’s self work, so it can be emotional and painful…but the other side is so beautiful!  You have daily support to guide you through the process.  Your course instructor is available for extra or continued support as well.

Here at the 30 Day Sobriety Reset we are on your team 100%. We want to help you create a life beyond your wildest dreams! All of us have been where you are and have extensive knowledge in addiction.

Here are some of the improvements we see after this course…

  • Increase in overall health – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

  • Financial improvements & financial freedom.

  • Improved relationships & the ability to create new, healthy relationships.

  • The beginning of exiting an abusive relationship.

  • Improvements in work ethic and career success.

  • The lifting of brain fog… gained mental clarity.

  • Stabilization of appetite & weight.

  • A sense of peace.

  • Decrease in anxiety, depression, and sleep issues.

  • An open and healed heart.

  • Most importantly, FREEDOM from the chains that bind you.

Join us today to start your new life!

Say Yes to a new you!

None of us want to look at this, but we are being called to get honest and make changes. 2021 is a Metamorphosis for us all. Scary to see the effects of alcohol on our most precious asset… the brain. Without a clear head we can never understand and navigate our emotions successfully. We block our ability to grow Spiritually & we erode our intelligence.

Nicholas Engen
Nicholas Engen
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I do have to say, working 70+ hours a week has its moments and for the longest time the only way I felt I could manage, handle the hours/workload and be able to still give my wife a break every night by handling a 9pm-2am Night Shift (Just to wake up again at 6am to be at work by 7:15 and come home between 7-8pm) was by using drugs, opiates to be exact, after dealing with the lack of sleep and the brutal schedule I realized I needed to make a change one night as I sat there feeding my daughter at 1am and I just started crying feeling like I was failing her and not being a father she could one day look up to, I was no hero, I was an addict that could not get out of his own way. I almost lost my entire family I worked so hard to build, I did not need the six figure income, I did not need the pills being shoveled up my nose, I needed to get back to my true self, my true center, and start loving me again so that the two most important ladies in my life could love me as well and that is when I found the 30 Day Sobriety Reset and as the program states you are going to have mishaps and sometimes fail along the way, but as long as you keep getting back to form the results are ten fold the work I needed to put in. Thank you Stefanie and Spiritual Solutions for saving my life, my family, and my dignity.
Beth Reynolds
Beth Reynolds
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Easiest 30 Day Program to save my life, highly recommend to all!
Lynn S
Lynn S
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I am writing this review anonymously, because I am doing as Stefanie suggests in the program for those of us who need to keep our career intact… And that is to tell people on a need to know basis. For many years I struggled with alcoholism. I would live in a terrible cycle. I woke up every morning promising myself I would not drink that night, feeling horrible, and dreading my work and family responsibilities. By 4 PM every day I was mentally going back-and-forth about if I should, how, and the justifications to buy alcohol. I was drinking countless glasses of wine daily. During the Covid quarantine I attended some online meetings but they were hard to sit through and I grew weary quickly. Then I did the 30 Day Reset and I pieced together a month of sobriety! What I liked about this program was the ability to do it in the comfort and privacy of my own home. And the cost compared to rehab is incomparable. The first days were very hard. But within a couple weeks my desire to drink, and my obsessive cycle came to a halt. I can’t explain exactly how or why, and I am still amazed. When I am offered wine I can say no, and actually mean no… As in I actually do not want wine. In previous attempts at sobriety even when I could turn down a drink, I was bitter about it and what I actually wanted to do was say yes and take that drink. Whenever I tried to be sober I would romanticize and fantasize about drinking and it would eat me up inside until I finally gave in. Now it has been several months and I still have not wanted to drink at all. I am completely sober, I have found a new love for my career and my family, and most importantly for myself. I highly recommend this program.


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We are so excited to build our collective of amazing people!

Hi there! Thanks so much for your interest in the 30 Day Sobriety Reset!

If you’re struggling with over indulgence or addiction this program can help. I designed this program specifically for you to be able to get the help you need anonymously & from the comfort of your own home.
Whether it’s alcohol or drug use you are struggling with, this program kick starts your road to sobriety.
I want to help you put down whatever it is that is negatively effecting you.
Just want to moderate? We will go over that in the course too.
For more information about the course, or to purchase, follow this link and click on “Enroll Now”
For more info about me, visit
Thousands of people are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. In today’s society normalization of alcohol makes it so acceptable. Because of this it’s so easy to take things too far. Drugs and alcohol have the power to completely unravel us. But there is hope! I’ve witnessed and helped hundreds of people get sober and build beautiful lives.
It’s takes courage to take these steps. Don’t be afraid, I’ve been where you are and I’m right here to guide you out of it! Hold on tight and let’s do this!
Stefanie Richards-Engen
Stefanie Richards-Engen